About Us

We believe that all Veterans and any Service Member of any branch of service who has served our country through the years deserve a Weekend on the lake.  If this describes you, or someone you know, here is your opportunity to get a chance to fish with some of the best anglers we know!  Well known professional fishermen and others will guide a Veteran/Soldier and guest for two days of fishing on Lake of The Woods!  This will be a fun and exciting two days of fishing!

Lance Peterson

President Of Warriors & Walleyes

My mission was to say thank you to as many as I could that has or is serving our Country. For us that fish we take for granted the simple things and it was because of our Veterans sacrifices that we are able to do the things we love. I always wanted to fish tournaments and compete with the best anglers out there. Until one night looking at the stars did this idea come about. God always has a plan for each of us and on that night something told me which direction to go. After six years of making this happen it is absolutely an honor to do this. I could not do this alone, having a Board of Directors with the same passion is what really makes things come together. All the support for Business Owners and other non profit organizations is really how this all happens also. So thanks goes out to all who help in this mission.
My one quote that stands strong is, Thank a Veteran for we owe our Freedoms to them!

Tammy Peterson

Board Member

Being a part of the Warriors & Walleyes Outdoor team has been truly rewarding. I never thought Lance’s request to take a couple veterans fishing would have grown to what this event has become. I have had the privilege of meeting many amazing veterans. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done and sacrificed for the great country we live in. I look forward to reconnecting with the veterans from prior years and meeting new ones each year. For me this has become a yearly family event as it’s wonderful to see both of our boys there every year to help out along with all the wonderful support this event has had through the years.

Amanda Ludwig

Board Member

Her husband served in the United States Army for 22 years. She volunteered as the Family Readiness Group Leader for 15 years which supports the Soldiers families.

A message from Amanda:
I first went on this trip with my husband back in 2017 after he came back from his last deployed. This helped us in so many ways as deployment is hard on both the Soldiers and their families and it was so nice that they let them bring a guest. I couldn’t thank them enough. I am honored to have been asked to be a part of the Warrior’s and Walleyes team. They do so much for our Veterans and their families.

Art Milner

Board Member

Art Wanted to give back in any way he could. His love for cooking and making something out of nothing is what he does best. Arts dad is a veteran and grandfather was a WW2 vet. Being asked to be part of this organization that gives back to our service men and women is why he does this. Thanks goes out to the men and women who have made this country the best place on earth to live.

Ryan Braun

Board Member
My name is Ryan Braun. I first had the opportunity to attend the Warriors & Walleyes Outdoors event for the first time two years ago with my dad, who is a Vietnam Veteran himself. After witnessing the compassion and comradery amongst those fellow veterans, I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger and give back as much as I possibly could to show appreciation for their service. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to go back to help during the event and then this last fall was given the honor to serve on the board. I fully enjoy seeing the veterans be able to come together, spend time on the water fishing, listening to their stories and seeing the smiles on their faces. Being an avid outdoorsman myself, I have connected with some of the boat guides as well and have made some great friendships. There are many people that come together to help make this a possibility and it is
a truly rewarding experience when you get to see veterans start arriving and make those lasting connections. Thank you for your service!

Corey Ludwig

Board Member
Corey Served in the US Army Reserve from Aug 1998 to June 2020. He did two tours in the Middle East 2003 and 2016-2017 In support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Spartan Shield , and Operation Inherent Resolve.
A message from Corey
I am very proud to have been asked to be a board member.
It is a honor to help get fellow Vets out in the outdoors. The outdoors be a great healing, relaxing, and serenity opportunity.
I have witnessed the unity between vets young and old from many wars and conflicts at our events and it is truly amazing.
“Honor to the Soldier and Sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause.
Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as best he can, the same cause”
Abraham Lincoln

Mark A. Patterson

Board Member
1SG (Retired)
July 1996 – August 2016 20 years
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) I
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) VI
He served in the U.S. Army from July 1996 – August 2016. He was stationed with the 82nd ABN DIV, the 173rd ABN BDE, the ROTC and the 3rd ARCENT. He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) I, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) VI, OEF VIII and OEF X.
A message from Mark:
I enjoy my time with Warrior’s & Walleyes Outdoors. I look forward to the trip every year to be able to connect with Veterans new and old. Sitting around trading war stories and of course badgering all of the othe branches of service as well.
“Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have made a difference in the world. A Veteran does not have that problem.” -Ronald Reagan-